Fairy Garden Tree House With Blue Birds

  • $65.00
  • Save $20

This fairy garden tree house is a one off piece and will not be repeated again. 

The tree house is all hang made from resin and painted to the finest of details. The tree is set on a wooden base covered with artificial moss while its canopy houses a soft moss mound with foam beneath it so items such as mushrooms on a poker ca easily be inserted into it. The edges of the canopy are all artificial greenery looking very realistic to a real tree.

Two beautiful blue birds are there to welcome your fairies into this very unique and beautiful house. 

Please note: the door does mot open on this house and it has no lights either. 

Approximate Dimensions: 

  • Height - 31cm
  • Width - 25cm at the base 
  • Depth - 25cm at the base 


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