Fairy Garden Tea Set For Four

  • $22.50

This beautifully hand crafted miniature tea set comes complete with the following:

1x wooden serving tray approximately 6.5cm long x 5cm wide.

1x coffee pot approximately 3.5cm high x 2cm wide.

1x milk jug approximately 1.5cm high x 1cm wide.

1x sugar pot approximately 2cm high x 1.5cm wide.

4x cups approximately 1cm high x 1.5cm wide.

4x saucers approximately 1.8cm wide.

4x serving plates approximately 2.5cm wide.

4x pieces of cakes.

The components of this tea set are made from ceramics and the tray is hand made from wood. The cakes are all hand made from polymer clay.

There are two designs to choose from and the all the components come loose not glued together.

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