Fairy Garden Moss Mounds/Rocks

  • $8.50

These soft spongy moss mounds look nothing short of the real thing. In fact if left in the garden long enough neighboring plants will start to self seed between the cracks.

The moss mounds can be opened slightly from the sides and filled with dirt. This will help with the seeds sprouting and also keep them weighed down so they don't blow away with the wind. The moss mounds do fade with time however the colour they fade to blends in beautifully with the environment around them as they turn a brownie hue. 

They are made from synthetic moss and Dacron the same compound that is use in stuffing soft toys.

PLEASE NOTE: the size, shape and colour may vary a little from the photos as they are all individually made.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Height - 2.5cm
  • Length - 12cm
  • Width - 12cm 


  • Synthetic moss and Dacron 

Key Features

  • Aged moss look for a garden 

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