Mini Moss Pot (With A Bunny)

  • $11.50

This adorable mini moss pot kits is the ideal product to give to someone as a gift especially for Easter.

It can be made up by you and given to someone special for a simple thank you gift like your children’s teacher, grandmother, friend or even your mum or dad.

This kit is also ideal for children’s party for a giveaway bag or to create during the party and take them home. The only thing you need to provide is the plant. The snail comes in many choice.

The moss pot is made from a wire frame and is embellished with artificial moss and natural dries flowers. The pot is approximately the size of a large tea cup and the inside of the pot is lined with plastic to prevent the water from escaping. The ideal plants for this product are succulents as they don’t need too much water.

This pot look fantastic on a window ledge or a desk and even on a bookshelf. The kit can be bought individually or as sets making them cheaper to buy.

Each kit will contain the following:

1 x mini moss pot

1 x bag of pebbles

1 x bag of potting mix

1 x Bunny on a poker 

PLEASE NOTE: plant is not included in this price and will need to be purchased separately by the buyer.

Approximate Pot Dimensions:

Height - 7.5cm

Width - 10cm Top

Width - 7cm base

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