Natural Sphagnum Moss

  • $4.50

Our natural sphagnum moss is a truly beautiful product that will add so much texture to your fairy garden. 

This moss has been dried and is able to get wet without loosing its colour as it hasn’t been dyed. The sphagnum moss mixed with our natural freeze dried moss looks amazing amongst rockery and foliage as seen on the photo. 

This moss can be glued to products using a hot glue gun or high quality glue containing acid tone or simply pushed into places hiding any unwanted space in the garden. When this moss becomes wet it re hydrates taking on its natural form before being dried. This moss equally looks great in its dried form as seen on the photos. 

Approximate weight: 

  • 20g - 22g of moss


  • Natural Sphagnum moss

Key Features

  • Great versatility for fairy garden decoration

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