Princess Castle Bedroom Night Lamp

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This beautiful battery operated princess castle night lamp/ lantern adds a magical touch  to a child’s bedroom. 

It has an on/off switch located at the base of the lamp and uses 3x AA batteries. 

If the lamp is turned off the lantern does not project any light and the glitter settles to the bottom of the lamp revealing the statue in the center of the lantern that is immersed in water. 

If the lantern is turned on it lights up a cool white colour which then silver glitter is activated by a motor concealed within the inside which distributes the glitter evenly around the statue giving it an incredible magical feel. Once it’s switched back off the glitter then settles back down beneath the statue. 

These make a great night light for children who have difficulty falling asleep in the dark.
Approximate Dimensions:
Height - 27cm
Width - 10cm 

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