Super Moss Mega Pack

  • $55.00

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This super moss mega pack has been put together to help you get started with your projects. 

All the moss in this pack is natural and preserved. It can become wet without any problems at all. In fact by adding this product around your plants it not only looks great but helps keep the moisture in your soil.

These mosses will eventually fade as they have been dyed to enhance their colour however they will fade to a beautiful natural mossy green/ brown making them look more natural as they age. 

The super moss mega pack can go in an outdoor fairy garden as well as an indoor one. It can also be added in terrariums giving you the woodland look without having to keep it alive.

The sheet moss can be cut to the size desired filling in flat gaps between plants and all the other mosses in this pack can be pushed into places between products and foliage. 

In this pack you will receive the following:

  • 1 x pieces of sheet moss 
  • 1 x bag of sphagnum moss 15g
  • 1 x bag of preserved Loose moss
  • 1 x combination of Spanish moss, coral moss and  reindeer moss 
  • 1 x bag of Lycopodium moss 6g

PLEASE NOTE: the sheet moss is in irregular shapes and will cover an area of approximately 32cm x 23cm.


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