Mrs Potters Fairy House Cottage

  • $150.00

This exquisite wood fairy house has been hand made and crafted with precision and care.

This fairy house has LED lights inside it and when turned on is where the magic begins. The LED lights are waterproof however the battery component must be kept tucked away in the position it comes in.

This house comes complete with everything you see in the photograph. On the inside it has a hand made wooden table and two chairs with a ceramic tea set. The table, chairs and tea set are all fixed so nothing moves. 
on the outside the house comes with a complete garden including a bunny, door mat, plants, garden bed, mail box, window boxes, lantern and a fence. 

The door on this fairy house opens revealing the magic inside and has leather hinges so they will never rust.

This house is both unique and exclusive to the fairy maker and would be the show piece of any fairy garden  

Caution: This product contains small batteries this product should not be given to children under the ages of 4. This product complies with the mandatory safety standards that take effect on the 22 of June 2022.

Approximate Dimensions:

Height - 28cm 

Width - 17cm

Depth - 27cm

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